“Mr B”: The Life and Times of Sir Brian Bell

"Mr B": The Life and Times of Sir Brian Bell, dust jacket, front.

“Mr B”: The Life and Times of Sir Brian Bell, dust jacket, front.

A copy of the biography of Sir Brian Bell – “Mr B”: The Life and Times of Sir Brian Bell – has arrived. Many thanks to Fay and Trevan Clough in Port Moresby!

Author: James Sinclair
Year of First Publication: 2010
Country of First Publication: Australia
Publisher: Alan Caudell & Associates
ISBN: 978 0 646 54161 7
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 448

The one thing that distinguishes Sir Brian Bell from most expatriate businessmen in PNG is his philanthropic work. Much of the healthy profits generated by his business activities are [sic] returned in innumerable ways. It is for this activity, born of his love for his adopted country, that Sir Brian Bell will be remembered….

We in government deeply appreciate all that he has done for the country over many, many years. It is a wonderful story, and I will continue to tell it to my children, and my grandchildren…

Do we need a Mr B of PNG for Australia too?



Forbes reports on philanthropy.

CreditSuisse has released its report on the Second Annual Forbes 400 Summit on Philanthropy:

The Second Annual Forbes 400 Summit on Philanthropy, supported by Credit Suisse, brought together 150 of the world’s most actively engaged philanthropists. The theme was Solutions for Extreme Poverty, which served as a prism through which participants viewed the larger scope of philanthropy, looking for applications for anyone who believes in market-based, permanent solutions to large-scale social problems….


Australians now richest in the world, perhaps.

cs_global_wealth_report_2013_WEB_low_pdf-1_240px_144ppiAccording to an Australian Associated Press article published today in theguardian.com, “As the number of Australian millionaires rose by 38,000 to 1.123 million people, the median wealth of adult Australians stands at $233,504 (US$219,505) – the highest level in the world, according to the Credit Suisse 2013 Global Wealth Report, released on Wednesday.”

The article goes on to state that “The number of Australian millionaires increased by 38,000 to 1.123 million people, with the calculation including the value of real estate owned outright.”

That is quite a lot of Australians who could be following Mr B’s example by engaging in philanthropy!


Masterclass on documentary film outreach, education and community engagement.

Today I am attending the Outreach, Education and Community Engagement: Masterclass presented by Ian Darling of Shark Island Films. Ian Darling was founder of the Documentary Australia Foundation. The masterclass is part of the Antenna Documentary Festival in Sydney.

The publicity blurb for the masterclass states:

Award-winning documentary filmmaker and founder of the Documentary Australia Foundation, Ian Darling, presents a masterclass on how to make an impact with your documentary. Darling covers how to attract philanthropic funding, how foundations, NGO’s and filmmakers can work together effectively, and why these collaborations are being embraced around the world. Designed for documentary filmmakers, philanthropic foundations, NGO’s, broadcasters and funding bodies, this practical masterclass outlines best practice case studies internationally and within Australia.