Indiewire: ‘Shit People Say to Women Directors’ Highlights Sexism in the Film and TV Industry


The Lost Generation of Female Moviemakers in the US Receives Support from Meryl Streep

Filmmaker: “We’re A Lost Generation That’s Still Alive”: NYWIFT and IRIS Directors on The Writers Lab

Meryl Streep was making waves as usual when it was announced during the Tribeca Film Festival that she had come aboard to fund a new initiative from New York Women in Film and Television and the IRIS collective. Called The Writers Lab, the inaugural retreat will take place in upstate New York in September at the Wiawaka Center for Women…

… Filmmaker: Why did you decide on 40 for the cut off age?

Stokes: First, as young women growing up, we didn’t have the same opportunities that young women have today:  the internet, digital filmmaking, non-linear editing, film schools all over the country, women in leadership roles, women in the director’s chair. We’re a lost generation that’s still alive. Second, women over 40 have knowledge, experience, ideas, perspective, and a wealth of stories to tell. Plus, they want to watch movies that speak to that complexity. They’re working against our culture’s entrenched sexism and ageism.

Kaiden: Third — let’s be honest — we have children, partners, parents, households, and jobs and, even in 2015, we often shoulder those responsibilities disproportionately, and it’s hard to catch a break. …