Brian Vos

Executive Producer, Jump Studios, Canada

The life story of Mr B is one of commerce and philanthropy  – all for the good of mankind – that is worthy of being told and captured for audiences to appreciate and learn from for decades to come.

Documentaries of this sort have worldwide appeal because they have the ability to draw on human emotion regardless of geography and instil in others the desire to give – no matter what the level of giving – large or small.

The world certainly has room for more Mr Bs no matter their stature in society.

Produced, this documentary has the potential to ignite the desire Mr B had for the gift of giving in future generations of philanthropists.

Dr Jo Harrison

Gerontologist. Fellow of the Australian Association of Gerontology. University of South Australia.

This is a story that needs to be seen – the life of an extraordinary Australian who took an international and cross-cultural leap and became loved and admired for his incredible generosity toward others.

Importantly, he did not put himself in the limelight, even though his actions changed lives and provoked overwhelming gratitude from others. Such people are our true heroes.

This project deserves support so that others can see and share his story and understand how, together with his beloved wife, he continued to give to others throughout his life. I urge you to support this project.

Gina Wilson

Founding president of OII Australia.

Sir Brian Bell’s generosity made much of what we have done at OII Australia possible. We owe him a huge debt of gratitude and I was saddened to hear of his passing. I look forward to his story being told, to this documentary being made and to the lessons of his life being shared with others.